Scrolling Digital is a web services agency, offering a wide range of digital services including website design, development and maintenance.

We are extremely passionate about the web and have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry.

We understand the web, social media and how people behave online.  We love helping companies achieve success online, without charging the big agency fees!

Based in beautiful Newcastle, we happily support businesses located in the Hunter area and beyond.

Melissa Priest


Founder of Scrolling Digital

Melissa's love for the web and helping businesses succeed online often borders on nerds-ville, but there's nothing wrong with that, right?

Armed with her IT degree and a vast amount of experience in the industry, both in large multinationals (including 6 years at eBay) and small startups, Melissa is the best person for the job in helping with your digital needs.

Melissa will chat to you about your business and your customers and look at ways to improve your digital presence that is specific and relevant to you.



  • Passionate about the web

    We are passionate about the web, and thrive on helping others carve out their digital presence. We are obsessed with website usability and user-centred design, and believe every website should have their customer top of mind, or else what’s the point!

  • Extensive experience in digital

    Our experience spans all facets of the web, making us the best team for the job.

  • Excellent customer service

    We pride ourselves on understanding your needs and those of your customers. Once your project is complete we are there to support you on an ongoing basis.

Contact us to have a chat about your web presence.