The Benefits Of A MindBody Website – The Dance Fitness Studio

A while ago we were approached by new Brisbane based business ‘The Dance Fitness Studio‘ to design and develop a website for their new dance and fitness business.

When doing research for a client we look at all possible solution options for them, not just pushing them to a WordPress site which is what we specialise in, instead we look at the best holistic solution for their business.

After weighing up a few options our client decided on having us set up a website for them using the MindBody platform.

It was our first experience using MindBody and we were pleasantly surprised with MindBody’s offering. (note this is not a sponsored post). From a clients perspective, MindBody offers an established platform where you can fairly quickly and easily set up a responsive website with loads of features, including the ability for your clients to book and pay straight away, you can set up timetables, set up employees and their profiles, special offers, discount codes, reporting, email notifications, integration with payment methods such as paypal, and more……

However the biggest bang for your buck is the existing audience of MindBody app users that you instantly tap into. MindBody is an app where as a health, fitness and wellness lover you can type in your location and discover a range of relevant services in your area. As MindBody had gained significant popularity in the Brisbane market it made sense for The Dance Fitness Studio to jump on board. A key challenge for any website is having people find them, so to be able to tap into an existing and relevant customer base was extremely useful and has definitely paid off for them.

The Dance Fitness Studio website


Visit The Dance Fitness Studio.

If you’re thinking of creating a MindBody website and would like our help customising and setting up the site for you please contact us and we can help you get started.

Here is an extract from the glowing testimonial we received from The Dance Fitness Studio:

“We found Scrolling Digital to be very professional and client centric. Their service was outstanding and far exceeded our expectations. They were very good with being organised, understanding what we were after and taking us along the journey of understanding what would work best for our needs. Their patience and the support they provided was second to none. We will continue to work with Scrolling Digital and have recommended them to other businesses based on the exceptional service and results they have provided us.”