Got a Great Idea for An App Or a Website But Not Sure What To Do Next?

It seems people are racking their brains trying to think of the next big app or website, great, get those creative juices flowing we say! But what do you do when you think you’ve got a great idea and want to get it off the ground? You talk to people about your idea that’s what!

Website and app ideasMost people actually do the opposite of this and instead hide and protect the idea, meaning they not only miss out on valuable feedback and information, but also skip on to development (time and money) without actually knowing whether anyone will use it.

Over the years we’ve been approached by many a budding entrepreneur with what they think is the next big thing, we’ve even been asked to sign NDAs (non disclosure agreements) before they will tell us what the idea is……

The thing is…your idea is something YOU are passionate about, something YOU’ve thought up, and in some cases you might be the only person who likes it.

It would be rare and unlucky if someone was to run off with your idea. Most ideas require an amazing amount of passion, drive and determination to come to fruition, which helps if you have thought it up in the first place.

If you have what you think is a great idea in the making, before you spend time and money jumping straight to development, go out and ask people would they use it.

Talk to your potential end users and see what they think of the idea, would they use it, does it already exist, what do they use now, would they use yours instead of what they use now?

In his article ‘Five Ways to Validate Your Idea‘, Matt Bell of Treehouse suggests creating a survey and sending it out to as many people as you can and get them to respond anonymously = extremely valuable information for you about your idea.

Talk to your potential end users and talk to them some more…..

…..and if you’re still certain that there is a genuine need for your idea, come and talk to us! We will happily sit down with you and chat about your idea and give you a detailed quote on what your development costs will be….and we promise now to steal your idea!