Outsourcing Your Website Updates Can Save You Money

If your website is just sitting there not being updated, you could be missing out on opportunities to attract new customers and grow your business.

If you want to keep your site updated but can’t justify the cost of employing a web manager or going to an expensive marketing agency or web development company, you can save money by outsourcing your web tasks to us.

We are a small web services agency based in Newcastle and offer a wide range of web services at an affordable price. From new website design through to social media updates, we can help you with all of your online work.

Outsourcing your website updates to us, rather than employing someone in-house, will save you money and also give you maximum flexibility with the widest range of services rarely possible from one employee.

For a small monthly fee, here are some of the things we can help you with:

  • add / edit images on your website
  • add / edit content on your website
  • a graphic design resource for creation of new graphics
  • any coding changes required to your website
  • development of new features to your website
  • implementation of Google Analytics, run monthly Google Analytics report
  • competitive analysis against your competitors websites and features
  • user experience / usability review of your site with recommendations for improvement
  • set up and maintain your social media profiles
  • assistance with your social media posts
  • assistance with search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • consultation / guidance on content, social media, seo, site features
  • technical review of the site
  • make any necessary changes to ensure your site is technically sound
  • ensure site security – implement site monitoring tool, keep plugins up to date
  • keep WordPress version up to date
  • assistance with disaster recovery of website if necessary


Contact Us to discuss your website and outsourcing your web updates to us.